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Beam n Read LED 3 Lights

Beam n Read LED 3 Lights

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Part Number:BNR LED 3F

Beam n Read ® LED 3 Hands-Free Travel & Reading Light 

??????? (7 Stars out of 5) "This is the best product
to have landed in my lab in the last 14 1/2 years!!!"

"This little light is the most useful, versatile tool I've found in a while..."

Includes 2 snap-on blue-light-blocking Relaxation Filters
Batteries (not included) Last Extra Long 100 Hours

for Reading Books, eBooks, Loose Papers, & Writing Journals,

for Travel, Camping, Power Outages, Crafts, Childcare, and a Lot More

  • Easier to Use and More Versatile due to it's worn-around-the-neck, hands-free design
    • Easily lights up all reading materials 
      including printed books, all ereaders (Kindle, Nook, etc.) whether naked, skinned or covered 
      PLUS newspapers, magazines, loose papers, and even the label on a bottle or package
  • See More with Wide Light from 3 LEDs in a row
    • Easily covers 2 book pages or a lap
    • The BNR LED 3F is popular for reading, travel, night walking, caregiving, power outages, and other tasks
  • See Better with Brighter Light
    • Not too dim, not too bright, just right.
    • The BNR LED 3F is brighter than the leading brand's 6 LED light
  • Save Money with Extra Long Battery Runtime
    • This light stays bright for a lot longer than other lights saving money since fewer batteries are used over time
    • Battery runtime is 100 continuous hours
    • Uses 4 standard alkaline AA batteries (not included), the most readily available battery size
    • The extra long runtime is especially useful for travel and during a power failure
    • Beam n Read lights are still shining when others have gone dim
    • Optional USB/AC Power Kit saves batteries by letting you plug into a USB-A socket
  • Relax Easier with blue-light-blocking Relaxation Filters
    • When you want to relax when reading in bed or doing other tasks, use the snap-on filters to block energizing, eye stressing blue light
    • BNR Orange Filter to soften and warm the light and block blue light
    • BNR Red Filter to block blue light, reduce ambient light for an extra-sensitive bed companion 
      and to help avoid night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions
  • Additional info
    • Includes adjustable reflector and elastic neck strap for optimum positioning
    • The BNR LED 3F is one of the most versatile and economical, portable, personal, hands-free lights
    • Perfect for Readers, Students, Parents, Caregivers, for Home, Auto, Travel, & Power Outages