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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we will try and answer question that are being asked by other customers:

Here is a link to a PDF file that will help you reset your password for our new web site: How to reset your password

  • What is our return policy?

 We will accept returns on defective items within 14 days of receiving the item.  We will pay the return shipping costs if the product is defective or the return is a result of our error.  No returned merchandise will be accepted without a Return Material Authorization (RMA) please contact us at or 360-491-5405 for a RMA number. We will replace your item within 7 days.

For questions regarding our return policy please contact us at or 360-491-5405.

As far as the warranty, it goes along with the return policy. If it’s defective we will replace it or accept the product back. 


  • Lining Up the Next Row Using a Design Board

After sewing the one OR two full rows of the design move your machine so that your stylus is directly above one of the holes that is closest to the take-up bar. Drop your stylus in that hole. Then drop your needle into the down position. This is all done before you advance the quilt.   Pull up the stylus from the hole so you can move your machine.  Then carefully roll up your quilt ( leaving your needle in the down position ) until your stylus is lined up with an identifiable point of the design (that is directly across from the hole) that is closest to you.  Or in other words, until you get to an identifiable point across from the hole on the design in the first row that you sewed.  Now you can begin sewing the first row of your design again.

  • Do the pattern boards connect to each other?

    • Yes, if you have more than one of the same pattern they will connect together and make a longer pattern boards. The small panel boards that have the pattern contained in the pattern does not connect together.


  •  How do the pattern boards connect to each other?
    •  The pattern boards that connect together have a half circle on both ends, when you put the next pattern board next to each other the half circles line up and form a full circle and then you insert a rubber ring to hold the pattern boards together. See images below (click on the image for a larger image).

  • Do your pattern boards work with the Quilt-EZ stylus?

    • Yes they do, the groves in the pattern boards are the same size as the Quilt-EZ panels. 


  • Do we sell a stylus?

    • We sell a stylus that will fit into a Circle Lord holder or other holders on quilt machines. We may need to get information from you about diameter and length to make sure we ship you the right size.


  • Are your pattern boards made from wood?

    •  No. The pattern boards are made from expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a low gloss matte finish.

How to reset your password for

Welcome to our new web site, we hope you enjoy it. We were able to bring some information across from our old site, but one item we could not access was your password. So you will need to reset you password to access you account. We recommend reading through the instructions before resetting your password.


Step 1: Go to our new home page, click on the link at the top of the page called "MY ACCOUNT".  (We have highlighted it in yellow in the image below, but it is not highlighted on the web page)


Step 2: Once you have done this the web site will take you to the next page called "MY ACCOUNT". In the box that says "Email" enter the email address that you used when setting up your account. Then click on the link "Reset my password". The web site will let you know if your email can be found in our database. If a current email is found you will go to a page like in Step 3 below.


Step 3: At this point you can close this window if you like, but DO NOT CLICK on "CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE" because you don't need to continue. If you don't get the below web page go to the end of the instructions under "Error".



Step 4: Now, go and check your email account for the email to reset your password. You will need to do this very quickly as the link that will be emailed to you will expire 10 minutes after it has been sent. You should see a email message similar to the below image, click on the green link to reset you password, this link will expire in 10 minutes from the time it was sent.



Step 5: Once you click on the link in the email a new web browse window should open and take you to the "Reset Password" page. Enter a new password in both boxes. The password needs to be the same in each box. Then you will see a validation area where you need to enter in the number or word as shown in the image on the web page (below image is a sample). Then click on "SAVE NEW PASSWORD"



Step 6: If everything was good you will be taken to the My Account page. At this time I would encourage everyone to check both your Billing Information and your Shipping Information to make sure everything is correct.



Error:  The web site could not find your email address in our database you can click on "CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE" and try another email address, or just create a new account when the web site returns you to the "My Account" page.   




If you have problems resetting your password, please feel free to contact us at: or 360-491-5405

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