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Glow Strips  6 Light Strip Kit

Glow Strips 6 Light Strip Kit

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Welcome to our newest product Glow Strips for your quilting machine or sewing machine.

Our Glow Strips can be placed on your machine in most locations with the 3M double face tape that is preinstalled on the back of the Glow Strips. The Glow Strips comes in various sizes from 3 LED lights to 300 LED lights, the most common is 3, 6, 9, or 12 LED lights.


  • 3 Glow Strip is 2 inches long
  • 6 Glow Strip is 4 inches long
  • 9 Glow Strip is 6 inches long
  • 12 Glow Strip is 9 inches long


The lights are protected by a clear plastic cover that makes them waterproof and gives them a nice smooth finish. The Glow Strip operates on a safe low voltage (12vdc).  The lights are rated for over 50,000 hours of operation. The lights are a cool white, in the 6000K-6500K color range. What does this mean. It's like looking at your fabric outside in the daylight, it gives you a view of the true color of the fabric your working on. If you would like more information you can check out the wiki page on color temperature at this link:


We found that the lights added about 40 foot candles (430 lumens) more light to your work area over the normal lighting in the room.


Included in each kit is the Glow Strip in the length you ordered, a wall plug-in transformer that works on 120-240VAC, clips with 3M double face tape to route the power cord safely away from any moving parts on your machine, and a power switch.


To install your Glow Strip we recommend auditioning the light first by taping the Glow Strip with some scotch tape in several places to find the best location. When you find the best location remove the protective covering off of the 3M tape and attach the lights to that location. Warning once you place the Glow Strip with the 3M tape on your machine, the tape will not stick again if you remove them. But what you can do is find some thin foam double face tape and stick it over the old tape and your good to go in relocating your Glow Strip. Route the power cord from the Glow Strip away from any moving parts on your machine and secure them in place with the included cable clips.  Plug the wall transformer in and switch on the light and your good to go.


Some safety information to reduce any injury or damage:


  • Don't look directly at the light when they are turned on.
  • Even though they are waterproof don't try them underwater or around flammable sprays.
  • Don't use if the Glow Strip, cord, transformer or switch is damaged.
  • Remember to turn off the Glow Strip when not in use. 



Each Glow Strip is tested before it is shipped out, and is warranted against manufacturing defects for 120 days. 


Happy quilting and sewing.

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