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Update 7/17/2017

We are back from vacation and I am starting to work on making the items you all ordered (thank you). It will take me about a week to get all the orders filled.

Update 6/28/2017

Hi Quilters,

We are off on vacation and will be back on July 17, 2017.

While we are gone you are welcome to continue to order Pattern Boards and other items we sell. Just a reminder when you place your order your credit card or PayPal account will be charged at the time you ordered but we won’t be shipping anything until we get back after July 17th. Then it will take a few days to get the items made and shipped out after we return.

While we are gone we will be having a sale of 10% off all items starting on July 1, 2017 and ending on July 16, 2017.

We have 30 new designs up on the web site. You can find them under the category "New Pattern Boards"

Happy Quilting
Ron & Sharon

We are so glad that you are inquiring about our pattern boards. Our company developed out of Sharon’s love of quilting and Ron’s craftsmanship with computers and woodworking. Our family owned and operated company provides high quality pattern boards for the professional and home quilter. Pattern boards, which can be used with short, mid, and long arm quilting frames, will provide consistency and speed to quilting your quilt tops. Quilting will become more fun and less stressful. Our aim is to create reasonably priced quality pattern boards and provide a service to customize personal quilt designs. This website provides information about the design boards that we have created so far, although we will experiment with any ideas that our customers send us.

Our boards are made of a strong, light-weight PVC like material with nonskid backing. The designs are created on a computer and cut out by an industrial automated router. Multiple templates can be connected end-to-end to make longer templates. Connectors are supplied as part of the order. The templates are made to be used with a stylus that is connected to the sewing machine that you use with a quilt frame (such as B-line, Handi Quilter, APQS, etc). We now make a stylus for many of the quilt machines.

We hope this gives you some basic information about our pattern boards and our company. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ron and Sharon Moorehead

Below is a link to our most current catalog:

We are working on updating the catalog as some prices have changed.

We are excited to announce a new product we have called Glow Strips, they are LED Lighting you can add to your sewing or quilt machine to give you more light where you would like it. They come in various sizes to meet your needs and we can do custom lengths.

You can find the Glow Strips on our web site here:

Glow Strips (LED Lighting)

If you not aware of it we can re-sizes many of the designs to meet you needs.